Victoria C H Su

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OBJECTIVE To systematically evaluate the clinical consequences of mycophenolate dose reduction in renal transplant recipients on tacrolimus-based regimens. DATA SOURCES PubMed (1949-July 2010), EMBASE (1980-July 2010), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, and Web of Science were searched using the terms(More)
Detection of cytosolic nucleic acids by pattern recognition receptors leads to the induction of type I interferons (IFNs) and elicits the innate immune response. We report here the identification of RIOK3 as a novel adaptor protein that is essential for the cytosolic nucleic acid-induced type I IFN production and for the antiviral response to(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the pharmacology, efficacy, safety, and role of belatacept in maintenance immunosuppression in adult kidney transplant recipients (KTR). DATA SOURCES PubMed, EMBASE, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, Web of Knowledge (1990-November 2011), and Google were searched using the terms belatacept, kidney or renal, and transplant. (More)
This paper provides an overview of research, guidelines, and clinical considerations for the use of medications for chronic pain in the management of patients with an alcohol use disorder. A review of the literature identified randomized controlled trials, epidemiological cohort studies, consensus guidelines, and one systematic review and meta-analysis.(More)
BACKGROUND Symptomatic venous thromboembolism (VTE) occurs in about 1% of patients within 3 months after admission to a medical unit. Recent evidence for thromboprophylaxis in an unselected medical inpatient population has suggested only a modest net benefit. Consequently, guidelines recommend careful risk stratification to guide thromboprophylaxis. (More)
AIMS Unexplained macrocytic anemia was common in our hemodialysis (HD) unit. Vitamin B12 requirements may be higher in HD patients; therefore, patients may be deficient despite "normal" serum levels. We studied vitamin B12 status and the effect of parenteral vitamin B12 administration in macrocytic HD patients. A normocytic group was included for(More)
BACKGROUND Inaccurate documentation of medication histories may lead to medication discrepancies during hospital admissions. Obtaining a best possible medication history (BPMH) for warfarin can be challenging because of frequent dosage changes and nonspecific directions of use (e.g., "take as directed"). On February 27, 2012, the study hospital implemented(More)
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