Victoria Brown

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To investigate the function of the major non-muscle dystrophin isoform, Dp71, we substituted a beta-galactosidase (betagal) reporter gene for Dp71 by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells. Staining for betagal activity in chimeric mice revealed Dp71 promoter activity in glial cells in the CNS, in neurons of the inner nuclear and inner plexiform(More)
Requirements for large-scale synthesis of the potent antitumor drug 10-deazaminopterin have led to development of a facile synthesis of this compound and its 10-alkyl analogues. The lithium diisopropyl amide generated dianions of appropriate p-alkylbenzoic acids were alkylated with 3-methoxyallyl chloride. The resulting(More)
Normal and branched-chain aliphatic monoethers of triethylene glycol are effective topical mosquito repellents. In terms of duration of protection, they are generally superior to the corresponding diethylene glycol analogs and some are superior to diethyltoluamide. The n-heptyl monoether of triethylene glycol affords double the protection time of(More)