Victoria Beltran

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The World Wide Web is becoming increasingly personalized as users provide more of their information on the Web. Thus, Web service functionality is becoming reliant on user profile information and context in order to provide user-specific data. In this paper, we discuss enhancements to SECE (Sense Everything, Control Everything), a platform for context-aware(More)
Traditionally, cellular wide area networks like UMTS are used as Internet access networks for particular users but, in some cases, they can be employed to provide Internet access to other smaller networks as well. The main inconvenient is that cellular networks have not the same bandwidth than wired networks and therefore, the cellular channel becomes a(More)
The <i>SECE</i> (Sense Everything, Control Everything) system allows users to create services that combine communication, calendaring, location and devices in the physical world. <i>SECE</i> is an event-driven system that uses a natural-English-like language to trigger action scripts. Presence updates, incoming calls, email, calendar and time events, sensor(More)
—The WebRTC technology is gaining more and more attention in the Telco world. After having detailed this technology and its stakes, we remind in this paper some limits of the current architectures for conversational services, and we expose how webRTC could be used by Telcos. Two scenarios are possible: Extending the IMS footprint and introducing a new(More)