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Rectal atresia and anal stenosis are rare forms of anorectal malformations. The aim of the definitive surgical repair in such cases is to preserve the anal canal, the dentate line, and the sphincter complex. We present a case of rectal atresia and anal stenosis to demonstrate the differences in the operative repair. The techniques described leave the(More)
Crohn's disease is a chronic granulomatous inflammatory bowel disorder, often associated with cutaneous manifestations, termed metastatic Crohn's. Here we present two cases of paediatric metastatic Crohn's disease involving the penis, focusing on clinical presentation, histological diagnosis and treatment.
We treated 414 new patients with stage pTa, grades 1 and 2 bladder tumors by transurethral resection between 1970 and 1982. All of the patients with grade 3 or previous upper tract tumors, or who had been treated at some stage with intravesical chemotherapy were excluded. Followup for 5 or more years was available in 188 of the patients. There was a low(More)
In an 11-year period, 49 patients developed bladder neck contracture after prostatectomy--an incidence of 0.86%. This complication was found to be more common after resection of small fibrous hyperplastic prostates. The best results for treatment of the contracture were obtained after bladder neck incision, which gave a 9% incidence of recurrence; after(More)
Circumcision can be undertaken using a variety of techniques. For the technique to be successful, it should be easy to perform, avoid excessive haemorrhage and achieve a good cosmetic and functional result with minimal postoperative care. Naturally, there are differences between circumcision in the paediatric and adult populations and here we review the(More)
  • V Lane
  • 1982
The literature is reviewed on the incidence of patent urachus. Three cases are reported and 1 is described in detail. In that case the patent urachus was associated with complete duplication of the urethra and solitary crossed renal ectopia. The rarity of these associated lesions is stressed, especially the fact that the second urethra was situated in the(More)
We present the case of a child with presumed total colonic Hirschsprung disease (HD) to highlight the problems the surgeon is likely to encounter if he/she relies on the appendix alone for histopathologic diagnosis. A newborn male infant, who was presumed to have total colonic aganglionosis when the appendix was found to be aganglionic at the time of(More)
The literature regarding the prognosis of carcinoma of the urachus is reviewed. Factors affecting the prognosis are discussed. En bloc partial cystectomy, if feasible, is the form of treatment which gives the best long-term survival rate. A series of 5 cases is presented with a 13-year survival rate of 40%.