Victoria A. Turner

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The cDNA clone (pNP24) coding for a protein induced by exogenous NaCl has been isolated from a tomato root cDNA library with the use of an inosine containing synthetic oligomer. The authenticity of the clone has been established by comparing the sequence of the clone to the NH2-terminal sequence of the protein which has been purified to homogeneity by HPLC.(More)
We have characterized a 26 000 dalton (26 000 D) protein which accumulates inNicotiana tabacum cuspension cells grown in media containing 10–25 g/l NaCl (7, 11, 17). Antibody was prepared against this protein and used to examine protein accumulation in both suspension cells and whole plants. Western blot analysis revealed that the 26 000 D protein also(More)
[14C]Acrylamide and [14C]betaine hydrochloride were administered in a single iv dose to pregnant rats, rabbits, beagle dogs and miniature pigs late in gestation (1-2 days before expected parturition). Dosages used were 10 mg/kg for rats and 5 mg/kg for the other species. The compounds were allowed to equilibrate in the animal (for 1 hr in rats and for 2 hr(More)
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