Victoria A. Kirsh

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PURPOSE Some mental illnesses have been suggested to be associated with obesity, although results are somewhat inconsistent and research has focused mainly on depression. METHODS Associations between anxiety, depression, medications for these illnesses, and obesity were investigated cross-sectionally among women aged 25-74 (n = 3004) who participated as(More)
BACKGROUND Although most epidemiological studies suggest that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use is inversely associated with prostate cancer risk, the magnitude and specificity of this association remain unclear. METHODS We examined self-reported aspirin and ibuprofen use in relation to prostate cancer risk among 29 450 men ages 55-74 who were(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES It has been suggested that the association between shift work and chronic disease is mediated by an increase in obesity. However, investigations of the relationship between shift work and obesity reveal mixed findings. Using a recently developed exposure assessment tool, this study examined the association between shift work and(More)
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