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A significant proportion of both pericentric and paracentric inversions have recurrent breakpoints and so could either have arisen through multiple independent events or be identical by descent (IBD) with a single common ancestor. Of two common variant inversions previously studied, the inv(2)(p11q13) was genuinely recurrent while the inv(10)(p11.2q21.2)(More)
Human chromosome 2 contains large blocks of segmental duplications (SDs), both within and between proximal 2p and proximal 2q, and these may contribute to the frequency of the common variant inversion inv(2)(p11.2q13). Despite their being cytogenetically homogeneous, we have identified four different breakpoint combinations by fluorescence in situ(More)
Analyses of primary infections of Nematospiroides dubius in male and female laboratory mice show that on days 4--6 post-infection worms occupy up to 50% of the small intestine but as the age of the infection increases worm populations are highly aggregated in relation to the anterior sections of the small intestine. Individual worms are also shown to be(More)
Previous studies on histamine release by corticotropin peptides and melittin peptides were extended, leading to the identification of a synthetic peptide intermediate, Lys(Z)-Arg(NO2)-Arg(NO2)OMe, (I) as an active non-cytolytic histamine releaser from rat mast cells. However, significant differences in the releasing capacity of optical isomers of this(More)
Esophageal atresia (EA) is an uncommon congenital anomaly which is often associated with a tracheoesophageal fistula. An isolated EA is a rarer anomaly and its diagnosis has implications for the ongoing treatment and outcome of the infant. For the first time, we report a case of a premature newborn with a pure EA and a tracheal diverticulum, containing both(More)
The majority of constitutional reciprocal translocations appear to be unique rearrangements arising from independent events. However, a small number of translocations are recurrent, most significantly the t(11;22)(q23;q11). Among large series of translocations there may be multiple independently ascertained cases with the same cytogenetic breakpoints. Some(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of the review are to establish the number of undiagnosed neoplasms presenting at autopsy in a single centre and to determine the incidence and most common causes of sudden unexpected death due to neoplasia in infancy and childhood (SUDNIC). DESIGN Retrospective observational study of paediatric autopsies performed on behalf of Her(More)