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UNLABELLED Sequence-directed mapping of nucleosome positions is of major biological interest. Here, we present a web-interface for estimation of the affinity of the histone core to DNA and prediction of nucleosome arrangement on a given sequence. Our approach is based on assessment of the energy cost of imposing the deformations required to wrap DNA around(More)
The p53 protein exhibits high binding affinity to its response elements (RE) associated with cell cycle arrest (CCA-sites), but relatively low affinity to the RE associated with apoptosis (Apo-sites). To examine whether the long-range genomic environment of the RE is relevant to the differential p53-DNA binding, we analyzed 22 experimentally validated RE(More)
UNLABELLED Repeated extragenic palindromes (REPs) in the enterobacterial genomes are usually composed of individual palindromic units separated by linker sequences. A total of 355 annotated REPs are distributed along the Escherichia coli genome. RNA sequence (RNAseq) analysis showed that almost 80% of the REPs in E. coli are transcribed. The DNA sequence of(More)
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