Victor Zamaraev

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For a graph property X, let X n be the number of graphs with vertex set {1,. .. , n} having property X, also known as the speed of X. A property X is called factorial if X is hereditary (i.e. closed under taking induced subgraphs) and n c 1 n ≤ X n ≤ n c 2 n for some positive constants c 1 and c 2. Hereditary properties with the speed slower than factorial(More)
An induced matching M in a graph G is dominating if every edge not in M shares exactly one vertex with an edge in M. The dominating induced matching problem (also known as efficient edge domination) asks whether a graph G contains a dominating induced matching. This problem is generally NP-complete, but polynomial-time solvable for graphs with some special(More)
An extremal point of a positive threshold Boolean function f is either a maximal zero or a minimal one. It is known that if f depends on all its variables, then the set of its extremal points completely specifies f within the universe of threshold functions. However, in some cases, f can be specified by a smaller set. The minimum number of points in such a(More)