Victor Zamaraev

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For a graph property X, let X n be the number of graphs with vertex set {1,. .. , n} having property X, also known as the speed of X. A property X is called factorial if X is hereditary (i.e. closed under taking induced subgraphs) and n c 1 n ≤ X n ≤ n c 2 n for some positive constants c 1 and c 2. Hereditary properties with the speed slower than factorial(More)
An induced matching M in a graph G is dominating if every edge not in M shares exactly one vertex with an edge in M. The dominating induced matching problem (also known as efficient edge domination) asks whether a graph G contains a dominating induced matching. This problem is generally NP-complete, but polynomial-time solvable for graphs with some special(More)
The celebrated theorem of Robertson and Seymour states that in the family of minor-closed graph classes, there is a unique minimal class of graphs of unbounded tree-width, namely, the class of planar graphs. In the case of tree-width, the restriction to minor-closed classes is justified by the fact that the tree-width of a graph is never smaller than the(More)
Independent domination is one of the rare problems for which the complexity of weighted and unweighted versions is known to be different in some classes of graphs. In the present paper, we prove two NP-hardness results, one for the weighted version and one for unweighted, which tighten the gap between them. We also prove that both versions of the problem(More)
An upper dominating set in a graph is a minimal (with respect to set inclusion) dominating set of maximum cardinality. The problem of finding an upper dominating set is generally NP-hard. We study the complexity of this problem in classes of graphs defined by finitely many forbidden induced subgraphs and conjecture that the problem admits a dichotomy in(More)
The notion of augmenting graphs generalizes Berge's idea of augmenting chains, which was used by Edmonds in his celebrated solution of the maximum matching problem. This problem is a special case of the more general maximum independent set (MIS) problem. Recently, the augmenting graph approach has been successfully applied to solve MIS in various other(More)