Victor Wacham A. Mbarika

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Research with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), a major region within the world’s second largest continent, is almost non-existent in mainstream information systems research. Although infrastructures for information and communication technology (ICT) are well established in the more developed and industrialized parts of the world, the same is not true(More)
Nearly half a century ago, telemedicine was disregarded for being an unwieldy, unreliable, and unaffordable technology. Rapidly evolving telecommunications and information technologies have provided a solid foundation for telemedicine as a feasible, dependable, and useful technology. Practitioners from a variety of medical specialties have claimed success(More)
The study of the adoption of information technology (IT) by individuals has taken two approaches, one emphasizing rationalistic goal-oriented behavior and the other focusing on poignant forces that influence an individual's reaction to a new IT. These approaches are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Individuals' acceptance and subsequent usage of a new IT(More)
The worldwide scramble for information expenditures in order to gain productive advantage has been an issue of interest for both national policymakers and researchers. Yet little attention has been paid towards the dimensions of the productivity process, including the time lag between investments and returns. This paper illuminates the dimensions by(More)
1 Studies on the adaptation of Electronic Medical and Personal Health Records in developing countries are scarce. There are sharp differences between barriers to adaptation and implementation in developing countries to that of developed countries. This paper examines the challenges faced by developing countries toward the development, progression and(More)
<i>"Ever since my eye swelled up, I've gone to church to pray for a cure...I always knew He would send a way to make me better---I just didn't know it was going to be from London,"</i> says Anna Mobutsu, a 23-year-old farm laborer, who cannot imagine journeying farther than a bus ride from her home in the small African town of Nelspruit. An illiterate(More)