Victor W. S. Kung

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The striatum is critically important in motor, cognitive and emotional functions, as highlighted in neurological disorders such as Huntington's disease (HD) where these functions are compromised. The R6/2 mouse model of HD shows progressive motor and cognitive impairments and alterations in striatal dopamine and glutamate release. To determine whether or(More)
PURPOSE Evidence regarding whether or not antibiotic prophylaxis is beneficial in preventing post-operative surgical site infection in adult inguinal hernia repair is conflicting. A recent Cochrane review based on 17 randomised trials did not reach a conclusion on this subject. This study aimed to describe the current practice and determine whether clinical(More)
Translational sciences increasingly emphasize the measurement of functions in native human tissues. However, such studies must confront variations in patient age, gender, genetic background and disease. Here, these are discussed with reference to neuromuscular and neurosecretory functions of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Tissues are obtained after(More)
If activation of recombinant G protein-coupled receptors in host cells (by drugs or other ligands) has predictive value, similar data must be obtained with native receptors naturally expressed in tissues. Using mouse and human recombinant κ opioid receptors transfected into a host cell, two selectively-acting compounds (ICI204448, asimadoline)(More)
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