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The Canadian Study of Health and Aging (CHSA) provided an opportunity to examine the positive aspects of aging. CHSA-2 included the 18-item Ryff multidimensional measure of well-being, which taps six core theoretical dimensions of positive psychological functioning. The measure was administered to 4,960 seniors without severe cognitive impairment or(More)
P HYSICAL inactivity in older adults is a major public health concern. Although increasing physical activity (PA) is a national health priority (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [USDHHS], 2000), promoting activity in older adults has only recently been emphasized, as in the National Blueprint for Increasing Physical Activity in Adults Age 50 and(More)
This essay asserts that seasonal and permanent migration may be connected, although there is no direct evidence for this relationship in the current research literature. We draw circumstantial and incomplete evidence for this proposition from findings of a recent survey of Canadian snowbirds in Florida and a parallel study of Canadian-Americans using the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE After a stroke many people continue to live with their residual impairments and disabilities in the community, which can pose a significant problem for survivors' well-being. The purpose of this research was to investigate patterns of well-being in community-dwelling stroke survivors to identify those factors that restrict and enhance(More)
BACKGROUND The Prevention Research Centers Healthy Aging Research Network (PRC-HAN), funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Healthy Aging program, was created in 2001 to help develop partnerships and create a research agenda that promotes healthy aging. The nine universities that participate in the network use their expertise in(More)
Over the last decade the library and information science (LIS) field has experienced an increasing concern with workforce issues, including the aging of the workforce, the lack of minority presence in the field, and the need for succession planning. Little systematic research has been done to characterize the exact nature of the problems and to develop data(More)