Victor W. Lee

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Recent advances in computing have led to an explosion in the amount of data being generated. Processing the ever-growing data in a timely manner has made throughput computing an important aspect for emerging applications. Our analysis of a set of important throughput computing kernels shows that there is an ample amount of parallelism in these kernels which(More)
Sort is a fundamental kernel used in many database operations. In-memory sorts are now feasible; sort performance is limited by compute flops and main memory bandwidth rather than I/O. In this paper, we present a competitive analysis of comparison and non-comparison based sorting algorithms on two modern architectures - the latest CPU and GPU architectures.(More)
In-memory tree structured index search is a fundamental database operation. Modern processors provide tremendous computing power by integrating multiple cores, each with wide vector units. There has been much work to exploit modern processor architectures for database primitives like scan, sort, join and aggregation. However, unlike other primitives, tree(More)
Join is an important database operation. As computer architectures evolve, the best join algorithm may change hand. This paper reexamines two popular join algorithms – hash join and sort-merge join – to determine if the latest computer architecture trends shift the tide that has favored hash join for many years. For a fair comparison, we implemented the(More)
Sorting a list of input numbers is one of the most fundamental problems in the field of computer science in general and high-throughput database applications in particular. Although literature abounds with various flavors of sorting algorithms, different architectures call for customized implementations to achieve faster sorting times. This paper presents(More)
This paper examines the growing need for a general-purpose ldquoanalytics enginerdquo that can enable next-generation processing platforms to effectively model events, objects, and concepts based on end-user input, and accessible datasets, along with an ability to iteratively refine the model in real-time. We find such processing needs at the heart of many(More)
Distributed in-memory key-value stores (KVSs), such as memcached, have become a critical data serving layer in modern Internet-oriented datacenter infrastructure. Their performance and efficiency directly affect the QoS of web services and the efficiency of datacenters. Traditionally, these systems have had significant overheads from inefficient network(More)
The current trend is for processors to deliver dramatic improvements in parallel performance while only modestly improving serial performance. Parallel performance is harvested through vector/SIMD instructions as well as multithreading (through both multithreaded cores and chip multiprocessors). Vector parallelism can be more efficiently supported than(More)
The <i>NAS Parallel Benchmarks</i> (NPB) are a well-known suite of benchmarks that proxy scientific computing applications. They specify several problem sizes that represent how such applications may run on different sizes of HPC systems. However, even the largest problem (class F) is still far too small to exercise properly a petascale supercomputer. Our(More)