Victor W. Cheng

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In this paper, we propose a novel descriptor which characterizes an iris pattern with multi-scale step/ridge edge-type (ET) maps. The ET maps are determined with the derivative of Gaussian (DoG) and the Laplacian of Gaus-sian (LoG) filters. There are two major advantages of our approach. First, both the feature extraction and the pattern classification are(More)
—In this paper, we consider the performance of different coding schemes for direct-sequence spread spectrum (DS-SS) in a nonselective Rician faded channel. The Nordstrom–Robinson (NR) code, a nonlinear code that has large distance for a given rate combined with a trellis code, is examined. A bound is developed on the error probability for this trellis-coded(More)
— A method is presented to determine the diversity gain achieved by increasing the hopping rate in a frequency hopped spread spectrum system using frequency mean square correlation (FMSC). In particular, it is demonstrated that the detailed shape of the delay power profile of a given channel does not play a fundamental role in the determination of the(More)
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