Victor Vaquero

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The first measurement of the low-lying states of the neutron-rich ^{110}Zr and ^{112}Mo was performed via in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy after one proton removal on hydrogen at ∼200  MeV/nucleon. The 2_{1}^{+} excitation energies were found at 185(11) keV in ^{110}Zr, and 235(7) keV in ^{112}Mo, while the R_{42}=E(4_{1}^{+})/E(2_{1}^{+}) ratios are 3.1(2),(More)
Excited states in the nucleus ^{133}Sn, with one neutron outside the double magic ^{132}Sn core, were populated following one-neutron knockout from a ^{134}Sn beam on a carbon target at relativistic energies at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory at RIKEN. Besides the γ rays emitted in the decay of the known neutron single-particle states in ^{133}Sn(More)
The presented paper addresses the problem of detecting and tracking moving objects for autonomous cargo handling in port terminals using a perception system which input data is a single layer laser scanner. A computationally low cost and robust Detection and Tracking Moving Objects (DATMO) algorithm is presented to be used in autonomous guided vehicles and(More)
We report on the first γ-ray spectroscopy of low-lying states in neutron-rich ^{98,100}Kr isotopes obtained from ^{99,101}Rb(p,2p) reactions at ∼220  MeV/nucleon. A reduction of the 2_{1}^{+} state energies beyond N=60 demonstrates a significant increase of deformation, shifted in neutron number compared to the sharper transition observed in strontium and(More)
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