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The article presents the main components of the test suite architecture underlying UniTesK specification based automated test development technology, a powerful test development technology for use in industrial testing of general purpose software. The architecture presented contains such elements as automatically generated oracles, components to monitor(More)
Standardization of infrastructure and services in distributed applications and frameworks requires ground methodological base. Design by Contract approach looks very promising as a candidate. It helps to obtain component-wise design, to separate concerns between developers accurately, and makes development of high quality complex systems a manageable(More)
The article presents an approach to model based testing of complex systems based on a generalization of finite state machines (FSM) and input output state machines (IOSM). The approach presented is used in the context of UniTesK specification based test development method. The results of its practical applications are also discussed. Practical experience(More)
The article presents an approach to development of software standards usage infrastructure. The approach is based on formalization of standards and automated conformance test derivation from the resulting formal specifications. Strong technological support of such a process in its engineering aspects makes it applicable to software standards of real-life(More)