Victor V. Kuliamin

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The article presents the main components of the test suite architecture underlying UniTesK specification based automated test development technology, a powerful test development technology for use in industrial testing of general purpose software. The architecture presented contains such elements as automatically generated oracles, components to monitor(More)
The article presents an approach to model based testing of complex systems based on a generalization of finite state machines (FSM) and input output state machines (IOSM). The approach presented is used in the context of UniTesK specification based test development method. The results of its practical applications are also discussed. Practical experience(More)
The article discusses problems of model based test construction and ways of their solution using different kinds of models (operational, contract, axiomatic, and history-based specifications). The main idea is that the integration of model based techniques having different underlying formalisms can give valuable practical results in test construction. The(More)
The article introduces an extension of the well-known conformance relation ioco on labeled transition systems (LTS) with refused inputs and forbidden actions. This extension helps to apply the usual formal testing theory based on LTS models to incompletely specified systems, which are often met in practice. Another topic concerned in the article is(More)