Victor V. Denisenko

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Here we describe a method of forming large arrays (up to 109 pieces) of free magnetic Ni-nanodisks 50 nm thick coated on both sides with layers of 5 nm thick Au. The antitumor effect of the magnetic nickel gold-coated nanodisks and DNA aptamer conjugates was evaluated in vivo and in vitro. Under the influence of rotating magnetic field, the studied(More)
In this report, some problems of initial phases determination of PAA channels (PAA calibration) are considered. These problems usually arise during in-service re-calibration of PAAs, when it is not possible to provide a measurement environment which are close to laboratory environment. Specific challenges that occur during multielement PAA calibration(More)
A new algorithm for PID controller automatic tuning and adaptation is suggested, based on real plant characteristics instead of analytical expressions. The best PID parameters are found by numerical analysis and optimization. This method does not use any simplification that is normally used for parametric identification in common PID controllers with(More)
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