Victor Torres-Gonzalez

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Previously we demonstrated that peroxisomicine A1 (T-514), a plant toxin isolated from Karwinskia species, has a deteriorating effect on the integrity of peroxisomes of methylotrophic yeasts. Here we describe two strains of Hansenula polymorpha, affected in the normal utilization of methanol as sole source of carbon and energy due to peroxisomicine A1(More)
Introduction: Suprascapular nerve entrapments in the scapular notch or under the inferior transverse (spinoglenoid) ligament are known, but compression in the supraspinatous fossa may also occur under the supraspinatus fascia. Our aim was to precise the anatomical features of the whole course of the nerve in the supraspinatous fossa. Material and methods:(More)
For the double integrator with matched Lipschitz disturbances we propose a continuous homogeneous controller providing finite-time stability of the origin. The disturbance is compensated exactly in finite time using a discontinuous function through an integral action. Since the controller is dynamic, the closed loop is a third order system that achieves a(More)
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