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Finding common modules across products for platforming a product family or to find a common module for joint development with a partner can be challenging. At the moment there are no repeatable methods for grouping functions into modules and for choosing from different module candidates to form a good platform. We have developed a five-step algorithm that(More)
Dense-plasma-focus (DPF) Z-pinch devices are sources of copious high-energy electrons and ions, x rays, and neutrons. The mechanisms through which these physically simple devices generate such high-energy beams in a relatively short distance are not fully understood and past optimization efforts of these devices have been largely empirical. Previously we(More)
BACKGROUND Clear cell change, which may occur in a variety of thyroid neoplasms, is an uncommon finding. A fine needle aspirate of a follicular neoplasm showing extensive clear cell morphology is even more rarely described in the literature. CASE We report the fine needle aspiration cytology of a case of follicular neoplasm undergoing clear cell change(More)
We have designed and built a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) Z-pinch device using a kJ-level capacitor bank and a hollow anode, and fueled by a cylindrically symmetric gas puff. Using this device, we have measured peak deuteron beam energies of up to 400 keV at 0.8 kJ capacitor bank energy and pinch lengths of ∼6 mm, indicating accelerating fields greater than 50(More)
The LLNL Crystal Driven Neutron Source is operational and has produced record ion currents of approximately 10 nA and neutron output of 1.9(+/-0.3)x10(5) per thermal cycle using a crystal heating rate of 0.2 degrees C/s from 10 to 110 degrees C. A 3 cm diameter by 1 cm thick LiTaO(3) crystal with a socket secured field emitter tip is thermally cycled with(More)
INTRODUCTION This chapter has two key themes: (1) a list of customer needs is interesting, but insufficient for many development decisions, (2) establishing a qua ntified, dollar value for each requirement is more helpful. To that end, we present an approach and method to establishing the quantitative monetary value for new product features and performance.(More)