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PURPOSE To determine whether molecular genetic analysis of ocular-adnexal lymphoid tumors, combined with histopathology and tumor location, is helpful in predicting which patients will develop systemic lymphoma. METHODS A combined retrospective and prospective study of 77 patients with ocular-adnexal lymphoid tumors was performed. The tumors were(More)
A 63-year-old man with a history of cutaneous melanoma and a 3-month history of visual loss in his right eye presented with marked pigmentation of the anterior-segment structures, including trabecular meshwork, iris, and lens surface, with pigment dispersion in the aqueous and anterior vitreous in the right eye. Clinical examination and echography showed no(More)
We studied two blind eyes enucleated during the active phase of the acute retinal necrosis syndrome. Both eyes showed similar histopathologic findings of necrotizing retinitis, retinal arteritis, and optic neuropathy. A virus morphologically consistent with a herpes group virus was found on electron microscopy and immunocytopathologic stains showed this(More)
Four cases of the simultaneous occurrence of bilateral diffuse melanocytic uveal tumors were studied by us. In each case, the patient had an associated systemic malignant neoplasm diagnosed by biopsy or at autopsy. There was no evidence of metastatic melanoma in any patient. Clinically, the patients experienced rapid loss of vision, and cataracts were(More)