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Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are currently two of the most popular ICT paradigms that are expected to shape the next era of computing. The convergence between cloud computing and IoT has become a hot topic over the last few years because of the benefits that IoT could have from the distributed nature of cloud computing infrastructures. This(More)
Big data storage and processing are considered as one of the main applications for cloud computing systems. Furthermore, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has advanced the research on Machine to Machine (M2M) communications and enabled novel tele-monitoring architectures for E-Health applications. However, there is a need for(More)
This paper presents how Exalead CloudView is used to search for environmental parameters in big data. In particular, given an environmental application, we propose to leverage trivial and non-trivial connections between different sensor signals, in order to find patterns that are likely to provide innovative solutions to existing problems and to establish(More)
Recent research in communications and computer science has been considered to advance the performances of monitoring water environments. However, constrains produced by the water environments, caused by the specific channel propagation and harsh operating conditions must be taken into account. The purpose of this paper is to define and describe a monitoring(More)
Monitoring represents an important factor in improving the quality of the services provided in cloud computing, given the fact that it allows scaling resource utilization in an adaptive manner. It is widely used for detecting critical events and abnormalities of distributed systems and also it helps identifying the faults within the system, discovering(More)
Cloud-based applications that depend on time-critical data processing or network throughput require the capability of reconfiguring their infrastructure on demand as and when conditions change. Although the ability to apply quality of service constraints on the current Cloud offering is limited, there are ongoing efforts to change this. One such effort is(More)
Personalized Health Assistants have gained popularity over the last few years. Such technologies allow users to monitor their health information in real time and often integrate with their smart devices, especially smart phones. Augmented Quick Health (AQH) is such an intelligent health monitoring system, which uses multiple sensors to read heartbeat, body(More)
With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), the requirements for scalability and flexibility are continuously increasing, thus easy reconfigurable systems such as Software Defined Radio (SDR) are gaining more popularity. The paper provides an overview of the related work in the field of SDR technologies and solutions for convergence of SDR applications.(More)