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The Palaeoproterozoic crust and upper mantle in the region between the Ukrainian and Baltic shields of the East European Craton were built up finally during collision of the previously independent Fennoscandian and Sarmatian crustal segments at c. 1.8–1.7 Ga. EUROBRIDGE seismic profiling and geophysical modelling across the southwestern part of the Craton(More)
We introduce Wordcraft, a new interactive tablet application that allows children to explore sentence structures and their meanings. Wordcraft uses a constructionist design: children manipulate word cards to build sentences, which come to life in a storybook-like animated world to illustrate meaning. Such visual feedback helps children play with parts of(More)
We studied ROS production by HaCaT keratinocytes, the state of transmembrane mitochondrial potential, and activation of transcription factor Nrf2 in response to brine exposure. It was demonstrated that this exposure induces rapid but moderate decrease in mitochondrial potential, stimulates ROS production, and leads to activation of transcription factor Nrf2.
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