Victor Sokolov

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We have synthesized 2-arylperimidines in which the phenyl group is substituted with both electron-donor and electron-accepting substituents on the 2-phenyl group, and we have studied the neurotropic activity of these compounds. In the majority of cases (IIIa-m), the N substituent was a methyl group. Three compounds with N-dialkylaminoalkyl groups (IIIn-p)(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to study the morphological peculiarities of chromaffinoblasts and to determine their interrelations with the surrounding cellular elements of the fetal cortex at the early stages (embryonic weeks 4-7) of their migration into the developing adrenal gland of a pig. At week 5 neuro-cellular cords, consisting of(More)
From the analysis of surgical treatment results in 144 patients with hiatal hernia, it is concluded that differential approach in the choice of plasty method is necessary. It is determined by hernia's type, anatomical features of esophageal hiatus, concomitant diseases and patient's age. The authors show a preference for incomplete fundoplications methods(More)
Computed TV morphodensitometry was used to examine the integration of bacteria into the human nuclear genome. The bacterial strains with antihistone activity were shown to be incorporated into the structure of chromatin structure of an epithelial cell with its network organization impaired. The microscopic analysis of cultured Hep 2 cells by manual scanning(More)