Victor Sivozhelezov

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Matrices and sensors resulting from inorganic, organic and biological nanocomposites are presented in this overview. The term nanocomposite designates a solid combination of a matrix and of nanodimensional phases differing in properties from the matrix due to dissimilarities in structure and chemistry. The nanoocomposites chosen for a wide variety of health(More)
Proteins represent versatile building blocks for realization of nanostructured materials of unique structure-function relationship to be applied in nanobiotechnology. Following a recent work [Bruzzese, D., Pastorino, L., Pechkova, E., Sivozhelezov, Nicolini, C., Increase of catalytic activity of lipase towards olive oil by Langmuir-Film Immobilization of(More)
Bacteriorhodopsin (bR) is presently a classical example of membrane protein crystallization. We are comparing the structure of bR with the homology model of octopus rhodopsin (octR), which is similar in topology to bR and as highly ordered in its native membranes as bR in purple membranes. Such comparison provides insights for optimization of present octR(More)
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