Victor Scholten

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Canada has licensed a human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine for adolescent females, with the goal of decreasing the incidence of HPV infection and associated cervical cancer. This study identifies the juvenile detainee population as a high-risk group for HPV infection and therefore an important target for primary prevention. DESIGN A(More)
The concept of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) has become essential in research into the degree of entrepreneurial behavior at firm level. It is relevant to managers to be able to assess explicitly the level of entrepreneurship of a firm. Incubators, venture capitalists, corporate venturing units, angel investors, investment banks and governments need(More)
which typically develops between the ages of 20 and 40 years1. Neurosarcoidosis occurs in only 5-15% of adults with sarcoidosis, and is seldom reported in children2-5. Of the cases described in the literature, children were found more likely to present with seizures, and less commonly space-occupying lesions6. The tumefactive brain lesions are difficult to(More)
Bridging ties are important for obtaining new information. However, when entrepreneurs try to bridge between two networks, they may face problems due to the variety of knowledge among individuals in both networks. In this paper, we argue that specific human capital is essential for interpreting new information and coordinating action when bridging between(More)
In emerging high value markets, farmers are challenged by growth options. They can benefit from the growth options depending on their entrepreneurial orientation and how they engage in product quality improvement through adopting and generating innovations. Our study investigates the combined effects of entrepreneurial orientation and innovation adoption(More)
This paper empirically explores the determinants that are important for the creation of science-based spin-offs. We propose a model in which human capital, technology-based and institutional determinants affect the spin-off creation process. The data are drawn from the BioPartner First Stage Grant, a seed fund to stimulate academic spin-offs in the Life(More)
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