Victor Rodriguez

Robert Paulino2
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Teresita de Jesús Cabrera López2
2Robert Paulino
2Veronica Ruiz
2Teresita de Jesús Cabrera López
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When carrying out a research project, some materials may not be available in-house. Thus, investigators resort to external providers for conducting their research. To that end, the exchange may be formalised through material transfer agreements. In this context, industry, government and academia have their own specific expectations regarding compensation(More)
In this paper we examine whether and to what extent material transfer agreements influence research agenda setting in biotechnology. Research agendas are mapped through patents, articles, letters, reviews, and notes. Three groups are sampled: (1) documents published by government and industry which used research materials received through those agreements,(More)
  • Yolanda Flores, Niemann, Andrea J Romero, Jorge Arredondo, Victor Rodriguez, Yolanda Flores Niemann
  • 1998
To better understand the impact of ethnic identity, it is important to examine people's social construction, or definition, of that identity. In this study, the social construction of ethnic identity of predominantly low-acculturated, first-and second-generation U.S. Mexicans and Mexican Americans was examined by asking focus group participants to talk(More)
Dedication To my parents and the memory of the late Dr. Robert Paige iv Acknowledgements The road leading to the Doctor's Degree of Philosophy in Computer Science has been a long and winding journey for me. It started with the encouragement of my parents who inseminated in me the love of science and intellectual fulfillment. At times when I was in serious(More)
This paper presents the results of an experience with " Vocal-izaL2 " , an application for Second Language (L2) learning of Spanish, in a multilingual environment at the Vienna International School (VIS). For the experiment, a group of 6th-graders at the school practiced with the application during 5 sessions altogether with their regular classes. The(More)
Live attenuated vaccines have recently been introduced for preventing rotavirus disease in children. However, alternative strategies for prevention and treatment of rotavirus infection are needed mainly in developing countries where low vaccine coverage occurs. In the present work, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), ascorbic acid (AA), some nonsteroidal(More)
Kinetoplast DNA (kDNA), a unique mitochondrial structure common to trypanosomatid parasites, contains thousands of DNA minicircles that are densely packed and can be topologically linked into a chain mail-like network. Experimental data indicate that every minicircle in the network is, on average, singly linked to three other minicircles (i.e., has mean(More)
—This article exposes the localization issues faced during the implementation of a humanoid goalkeeper to take part in the RoboCup SPL standardized soccer robot competition. For this task, we have used BICA, a state-driven, component-based architecture created by our counterparts in the URJC, to allow a much easier behavior design process. The use of BICA(More)