Victor Rodrigues

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Random Forests (RF) and Boosting are two of the most successful supervised learning paradigms for automatic classification. In this work we propose to combine both strategies in order to exploit their strengths while simultaneously solving some of their drawbacks, especially when applied to high-dimensional and noisy classification tasks. More specifically,(More)
We present here an all-integrated ETDM 40 Gbit/s optoelectronic transmitter module, which has been developed by the French RNRT ERMIONE consortium. This transmitter integrates the final three high speed functions - namely, the electrical multiplexer, the driver and the electro-absorption modulator - in a single compact and low-cost module. This device has(More)
Catadioptric Vision Systems have wide vision field of 360-degree of the environment explored, using combination of lenses and mirrors. It is commonly used in structured indoor environments with static obstacles and when submitted in applications operating in outdoor(and rural) environments, encourage arbitrary and various issues that affect the processing(More)
This paper reports the development of a fast separation method employing capillary zone electrophoresis for the simultaneous determination of hippuric acid, mandelic acid, and creatinine in samples of urine using a coated capillary. The background electrolyte was composed of 10 mmol L-1 tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane and 30 mmol L-1 2-hydroxy-isobutyric(More)
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