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The Planetary Theory of Ibn al-Shatir: Latitudes of the Planets
1) Ibn al-Shatir's planetary models for longitude predictions are non-Ptolemaic to the extent that they are expressible as combinations of uniform circular motions. Hence they are not subject to theExpand
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The Solar and Lunar Theory of Ibn ash-Shāṭir: A Pre-Copernican Copernican Model
THE purpose of this note is to present the solar and lunar theory developed by the Damascene astronomer, Ibn ash-Shatir (I304-I375/6 A.D.) 1 in his Kitdb Nihdyat as-Suil fi TashTh al-UEul (A Text ofExpand
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The Planetary Theory of Ibn al-Shāṭir
A recent paper' has discussed the solar and lunar kinematic models described by the fourteenth-century Damascene astronomer known as Ibn al-Sht the planet is at the terminal point of the last. ThusExpand
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