Victor Richards

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In an earlier study we presented a method of determining fetal weight from ultrasound measurements of abdominal circumference (AC) and biparietal diameter (BPD). From an equation with these two measurements as independent variables we generated tables of estimated fetal weights (E1). Although these tables have been very useful, we had the impression we were(More)
Metallothionein was purified under anaerobic conditions from livers of human fetuses ranging from 19 weeks gestational age to term. Homogeneous metallothionein obtained in the absence of reducing agents from the soluble fraction of the tissue which contained 24% and 85% of the total liver copper and zinc, respectively, had less than 1 g atom of copper and(More)
Three heterophile antibody tests and a test specific for IgM antibody to Epstein-Barr virus were evaluated during prospective studies of infectious mononucleosis. Specificity was judged by the frequency of false-positive results in sera of known qualities taken before illness; except for two patients bled during early, unrecognized illnes,, titers of(More)
Tlhe role of ABO blood groups in differential susceptibility to various diseases lhas lonig been a subject of investigation ani(1 debate(1). The genetic factors involve(l in resistanice against Virus infectionis lhave been reviewed by Allison(2). In the l)ast few years tlhree reports l)y Englislh writers lhave claimed to slhow a hiiglher susceptibility of(More)
In the Spring and Summer of 1982 the Second Connecticut Blood Pressure Survey (CBPS-II) was completed. This survey is independent of, but essentially identical in design and implementation to the First Connecticut Blood Pressure Survey reported on by Freeman et al. [1]. This paper compares the results of the two surveys using the same analytic techniques as(More)
The results of the first Connecticut Blood Pressure Survey are reported. It was found that sharp differences exist in the prevalence of hypertension by age and sex but that race differences are much less than previously reported for United States populations. Differences were also found between men and women with respect to the patterns of treatment and(More)