Victor Popescu

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The Kalman filter is widely used in many practical applications. In this paper, we motivate the use of a more general form of the Kalman filter in the context of echo cancellation. This algorithm is derived by considering, at each iteration, a block of time samples instead of one time sample as it is the case in the conventional approach. The variance of(More)
In contrast to its original version that deals with the band structure of periodically ordered solids more or less like any other all-electron band structure method, the modern version of the KKR (Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker) method represents the electronic structure of a system directly and efficiently in terms of its single-particle Green's function (GF).(More)
— The paper presents the structure and the performance of signal processing algorithms that simulate natural room reverberation. It deals with three digital complete artificial reverberators, built up of Schroeder's early reverberator and a late reverberator built with all-pass filters: Schroeder's, Gardner's or absorbent all-pass reverberator. For each of(More)
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