Victor P Miramontes

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BACKGROUND A feasibility trial was conducted to evaluate the initial safety and clinical use of a next-generation artificial cervical disc (M6-C artificial cervical disc; Spinal Kinetics, Sunnyvale, CA) for the treatment of patients with symptomatic degenerative cervical radiculopathy. A standardized battery of validated outcome measures was utilized to(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT The ideal treatment for scoliosis may be the correction of the factors that cause the disease. An external fixation device was used in 12 patients to achieve a correction by dynamic distraction, compression and derotation of the curve. Follow-up was done over a 7-year period. PURPOSE To describe the treatment of inflexible and severe(More)
Burst fractures may be stable or unstable, so the choice of treatment may be controversial; almost all cases are surgical type. Deciding on the best method and approach is difficult, due to the many possible options and the fact that good results are achieved in only 60-70% of cases. The main problems to be resolved are the residual kyphosis or the(More)
The concept of spinal instability is still controversial. Anatomical, biomechanical, clinical and radiographic variants are involved and make the definition complicated. There are solid diagnostic bases in cases of fractures and degenerative disorders; however, pure spinal instability is still under study. The latter may be defined as increased mobility(More)
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