Victor P. Mammana

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Fluorescent proteins from the green fluorescent protein family strongly interact with CdSe/ZnS and ZnSe/ZnS nanocrystals at neutral pH. Green emitting CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals and red emitting fluorescent protein dTomato constitute a 72% efficiency FRET system with the largest alteration of the overall photoluminescence profile, following complex formation,(More)
Herein we describe the measurement of the work function of a metal with advanced equipment based on the field emission retarding potential (FERP) method using a carbon nanotube (CNT) as cathode. The accuracy of the FERP method using a CNT emitter is described and a comparison between measurements of the work functions of aluminum, barium, calcium, gold, and(More)
 Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes Viviane Nogueira, Marcos Hamanaka, Elaine Von Zuben, Alessandra Greatti, Thebano Santos, Victor Mammana, Lihua Zhao, Jim Brug HP Laboratories HPL-2011-122 OLED; flexible electronics; flexible displays Flexible displays are those that can be fabricated on plastic substrates, metal flexible foils or even on very thin(More)
It was previously proposed that porous diamond membranes can be used as field emission arrays. As main features of such a device, we identified a field enhancement factor equivalent or superior to that of a metal edge emitter, allied to a higher vacuum conductance. Emitting membrane prototypes were built and tested. These showed promising emission(More)
 Patterning quality control of inkjet printed PEDOT:PSS films by wetting properties Fernando Ely, Cesar O. Avellaneda, Celso Molina, Pablo Paredez, Viviane C. Nogueira, Thebano E. A. Santos, Victor P. Mammana, Jim Brug, Gary Gibson, Lihua Zhao HP Laboratories HPL-2010-170 Display, printed electronics In this contribution, we describe the development of(More)
Residual gas inside field emission displays ~FED! is the most important issue related to the device lifetime. Increasing the display area while maintaining the display thickness unchanged results in lifetime decrease, since the pressure gradient is fostered. Therefore, improvement of vacuum properties is a mandatory step towards large area displays. In a(More)
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