Victor Ojeda

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The clinical and myopathological features of 13 patients with a myopathy occurring in association with hypothyroidism are presented. Seven patients had hypothyroid myopathy, including two with the Hoffmann syndrome and one with the Kocher-Debre-Semelaigne syndrome. Five patients had an inflammatory myopathy and one had polymyalgia rheumatica. Serum CK(More)
Two cancer patients had extensive spinal cord necrosis at necropsy. One had carcinoma of the breast and the other, carcinoma of the lung. Case 1 was treated by mastectomy, systemic chemotherapy and cranial irradiation, where as Case 2 received local irradiation to the right upper chest and right supraclavicular zone. In both cases, the spinal cord necrosis(More)
Linitis Plastica type of carcinoma can arise primarily in the colon or rectum. Fifty-two cases have been reported in the English medical literature over a 50-yr period. Two new cases are described. One patient had primary linitis plastica of the ascending colon, the other being in the rectum. Both patients died of widespread malignancy within 10 mth of(More)
Neuronal differentiation was demonstrated by light microscopy, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy in the cerebral neoplasms of one adolescent and five adult patients. The tumours exhibited a wide spectrum of cellular differentiation from low to high grade malignancy which seems to correlate well with their biological behaviour. The natural history(More)
The inflammatory myopathies have diverse clinical and pathological features and multiple etiologies. Some are confined to a single muscle or group of muscles (e.g., orbital myositis and localized nodular myositis) while others are diffuse. Infective forms may be due to viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal, or parasitic organisms. Viruses may cause acute(More)
Six hundred and twenty-one hysterectomies were performed at National Women's Hospital, Auckland, during 1975. Abnormal vaginal bleeding was the clinical indication in 50.72% of the cases. Fibroids, pelvic mass, prolapse, stress incontinence and cervical neoplasia were the indication for 45.88% of the cases. Total hysterectomy was performed in 618 (99.5%)(More)
We report the case of a 16 year old male with a left temporal myxopapillary ependymoma which did not demonstrate any connection to the lateral ventricles. The patient had complained of headaches for ten months and signs of increased intracranial pressure for one month. One month post-operatively, because of lower back pain, further investigations disclosed(More)
A 6 year old boy had a mid-line cerebellar medulloblastoma treated by local resection followed by craniospinal irradiation. Twenty-three years later he underwent temporal craniotomy to remove a cystic temporal meningioma. It is suggested that this is a radiation induced neoplasm.
There are 2 main types of meningoencephalitis caused by free-living amoebae. The first is a well-defined acutely fatal disease resembling fulminating bacterial meningitis. It is caused by the single species Naegleria fowleri. The second is a more poorly defined disease that runs a subacute or chronic course and is characterized by focal granulomatous(More)
A frontal lobe neoplasm in a 25-year-old Caucasian man showed the typical histological pattern of a "polar spongioblastoma." Immunoperoxidase staining for glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) was negative while silver stains in paraffin-embedded tissue, and electron microscopy displayed neoplastic cells with neuritic processes. Ultrastructurally there(More)