Victor O Kompanets

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We have demonstrated that in the IR pulse filament the anomalous dispersion of fused silica leads to the formation of an isolated anti-Stokes wing (ASW), which is located in the visible region of the supercontinuum (SC). It is shown that the isolated ASW is formed by the interference of the light field of a SC undergoing anomalous group velocity dispersion.
Strong high-quality fiber Bragg gratings with photoinduced refractive-index modulation of more than 10-(3) were written in a Corning SMF-28 fiber, a P(2)O5-doped-core fiber and a pure-silica-core fluorine-doped-cladding fiber by third-harmonic radiation (267 nm, 150 fs and 1.2-1.8x1011 W/cm(2)) of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser using a phase mask. We(More)
Using the femtosecond time-resolved infrared pump-visible probe technique, we have measured for the first time the ultrafast dissociation dynamics of [Fe(CO)5]n clusters induced by IR resonant excitation of C≡O vibrational modes in the 5-μm region. Free Fe(CO)5 molecules formed as a result of the cluster dissociation have been ionized by the femtosecond(More)
We present the experimental results of diffraction-induced temporal splitting of chirped femtosecond optical pulses under the dynamical Bragg diffraction in the Laue geometry. For the experiments we made a transparent, high quality porous-quartz based 1D photonic crystal composed of 500 layers. We demonstrate that a selective compression of pulses is(More)
The deformation and fragmentation of liquid metal microdroplets by intense subpicosecond Ti:sapphire laser pulses is experimentally studied with stroboscopic shadow photography. The experiments are performed at a peak intensity of 10^{14}W/cm^{2} at the target's surface, which produces shock waves with pressures in the Mbar range. As a result of such a(More)
A giant blue shift (more than 3000 nm) of an isolated visible band of supercontinuum was discovered and studied in the single filament regime of Mid-IR femtosecond laser pulse at powers slightly exceeding critical power for self-focusing in fluorides. At the pulse central wavelength increasing from 3000 nm to 3800 nm the spectral maximum of the visible band(More)
In nine polyatomic molecules, we have studied the intramolecular redistribution of vibrational energy from chromophore C═O group excited by a resonant femtosecond IR laser radiation at a wavelength of ∼5 μm. All experiments have been performed in the gas phase using the IR-IR pump-probe technique in combination with the spectral analysis of the probe(More)
Two types of peripheral light-harvesting complexes LH2 (B800–850) from photosynthetic purple bacterium Allochromatium minutissimum were studied. First type containing carotenoids was prepared from wild type cells. The other one was obtained from carotenoid depleted cells grown with diphenylamine. We have shown that under laser femtosecond excitation within(More)
The authors have studied the influence of chirped laser pulses on the coherent phonon generation in single crystal Te. They have shown that the pulse chirp affects the amplitude of coherent phonons with A1 symmetry in the case of intense excitation only. By varying the chirp of an intense exciting pulse, the authors demonstrated that negatively chirped(More)
Pathways of intramolecular conversion and intermolecular electronic excitation energy transfer (EET) in the photosynthetic apparatus of purple bacteria remain subject to debate. Here we experimentally tested the possibility of EET from the bacteriochlorophyll (BChl) Soret band to the singlet S2 level of carotenoids using femtosecond pump–probe measurements(More)