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Many factors are considered when analyzing automobile transportation in order to increase safety. One of the most prominent factors for night-time travel is temporary blindness due to elevated headlight intensity. While headlight intensity provides better visual acuity, it inversely affects oncoming traffic. This problem is compounded when both drivers are(More)
A machine learning based model to monitor the smart grid for any suspicious activity or malicious attack is presented in this paper. The model is designed to detect and classify anomalies in the sensory data and is helpful in ensuring the security and stability of the smart grid. The model relies on the real time data collected using wireless sensor(More)
In this paper, hybrid wireless sensor network model is envisaged over the power distribution grid for monitoring the health of the grid. The hybrid model is hierarchical. At the lower level, it uses a cluster topology at each tower to collect local information about the tower while at the higher level it uses linear chain topology to send the grid data to(More)
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