Victor Nadler

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45Ca accumulation was studied autoradiographically as a marker for lethally injured brain tissue following closed head injury (CHI), and applied to an investigation of the neuroprotective effect of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid (+)-(3S,4S)-7-hydroxy-D-6 tetrahydro-cannabinol 1,1-dimethylheptyl (HU-211). Amassment of 45Ca in rat brain was examined 24 or(More)
2 In temporal lobe epilepsy, loss of inhibitory neurons and circuit changes in the dentate 15 gyrus promote hyperexcitability. This hyperexcitability is compensated to the point that dentate 16 granule cells exhibit normal or even subnormal excitability under some conditions. This study 17 explored the possibility that compensation involves enhanced tonic(More)
2 After experimental status epilepticus, many dentate granule cells born into the postseizure 14 environment migrate aberrantly into the dentate hilus. Hilar ectopic granule cells (HEGCs) have 15 also been found in persons with epilepsy. These cells exhibit a high rate of spontaneous activity, 16 which may enhance seizure propagation. Electron microscopic(More)
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