Victor N. Potapov

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A comparative analysis was made of medical and climatic conditions in the south of the Far East. Changes in the immune status, lipid peroxidation of blood cell membranes, and the antioxidative system were studied during adaptation of adults and children who had arrived from Siberia, the European part of Russia, and Far-East regions. How a standard regional(More)
A method to determine the 137Cs soil deposit in situ where the contamination is covered by a clean soil layer is described. The method is based on measurements of the count rates in three energy ranges by a collimated spectrum sensitive detector and their processing. The deposit determination accuracy is 20%. The measurement results are presented and(More)
The distribution of radioactive contamination at three island sites downstream from the Krasnoyarsk Mining and Chemical Combine (KMCC) was studied with the objectives of mapping contamination levels, interpreting radionuclide distributions through consideration of alluvial processes and determining radionuclide inventories. Contamination was measured using(More)
The radioactive contamination of a riverine floodplain, heavily influenced by discharges from Krasnoyarsk-26, has been studied with respect to sedimentation processes and the geomorphology of the Upper Yenisey floodplain. The study was effected by implementation of a regime of in situ observations and measurements, sampling, and the interpretation of(More)
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is the commonest infectious disease characterized by the high lethality rate. The aim of this work was to estimate the efficacy of introducing inhalation of heated oxygen-helium mixture (thermoheliox) into standard therapy of CAP. The study included 50 patients with moderately severe CAP 25 patients of group 1 were given(More)
A gamma locator designed to conduct contamination surveys inside buildings connected with nuclear production has been developed. The device consists of a detector head and remote control unit connected with a cable (>100 m). The detector head (500 x 500 x 400 mm; the weight is near 40 kg) is a collimated scintillated gamma detector installed on a scanning(More)
Gamma-ray imaging is the most important way to identify unknown gamma-ray emitting objects in decommissioning, the solving the security tasks, overcoming of accidents. Over the past two decades the systems for producing of gamma images in these conditions became more or less portable devices. However, in recent years, these systems have become converted(More)