Victor N. Kasyanov

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I got lucky with my teachers in science. The supervisor of my degree work was Andrey Bers. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis under the direction of Igor Pottosin. The informal adviser of my doctoral thesis was Andrey Ershov. In the paper I wish to commemorate my teachers that were ones of the first Russian programmers and did a lot for formation and development of(More)
Graphs are the most common abstract structure encountered in computer science. Many modern systems, particular for graphics workstations, include structural information visualization. In this paper, we consider practical and general graph formalism called hierarchical graphs and present the Higres and Visual Graph systems aimed at supporting of information(More)
A challenging research goal is the development of advanced Web-based educational applications that can offer some amount of adaptivity and intelligence. In the paper the WAPE project being under development as an intelligent and adaptive environment for supporting distance learning of programming is presented. The WAPE system supports users of four types:(More)