Victor N. Karnaukhov

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In hippocampal neurons of ground squirrels and neuroblastoma culture the ribosome state was analyzed by staining with acridine orange (AO), labeling with radioactive amino acids, and electron microscopy. Electron microscopy indicated that the extent to which ribosomes associated in polysomes varied from 25% in brain cells of torpid ground squirrels up to(More)
The original solution of the blur and blur parameters identification problem is presented in this paper. A neural network based on multi-valued neurons is used for the blur and blur parameters identification. It is shown that using simple single-layered neural network it is possible to identify the type of the distorting operator. Four types of blur are(More)
The functional (synthetic) activity of blood lymphocytes and bone marrow haemopoietic cells in ground squirrels during the annual cycle as well as in hibernating and awaken animals in winter have been studied by fluorescent microspectrometry. The effect of ionizing radiation on animals in different functional states of the hibernation-arousal bout was(More)
The participation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in luminescence (chemiluminescence and autofluorescence induced by ultraviolet light of 360-380 nm) was analyzed. Microspores, the pollen (male gametophyte) of Hippeastrum hybridum, Philadelphus grandiflorus, and Betula verrucosa and vegetative microspores of the spore-breeding plant Equisetum arvense(More)
The autofluorescence of horsetail Equisetum arvense spores excited with UV-light of 360-380 nm was studied by microspectrofluorimetry during their development from an individual cell to the formation of a multicellular thallus with the generative organs. The investigation involved the registration of the fluorescence spectra of individual intact developing(More)
Protein--nucleic acids--carbohydrate drops stabilized at pH 6.0 by the products of oxidative enzymes (polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase) were mixed with unstabilized ones. Using light, luminescent and electron microscopic techniques, a possibility was demonstrated of co-existence of coacervate drops with different chemical composition and formation of(More)