Victor N. Karnaukhov

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The original solution of the blur and blur parameters identification problem is presented in this paper. A neural network based on multi-valued neurons is used for the blur and blur parameters identification. It is shown that using simple single-layered neural network it is possible to identify the type of the distorting operator. Four types of blur are(More)
As a rule, the usage of algorithms of image restoration leads to the substantial smoothing of edges. In the case when images are restored either by global methods based on minimization of two-dimensional variations or by local adaptive methods, information on the contour component of images is preserved. In this work, the results of numerical modeling based(More)
Watermarks are the most important tool for dating old, not explicitly dated paper documents. Hence, catalogues and databases of watermarks play an eminent role for the work of medievalist and paper historians. This article presents an integrated software system developed for storage, retrieval, manipulation, digital processing, and identification of(More)
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