Victor N. Bykov

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Biogenous sulphate reduction and accumulation of secondary H2S were caused by the action of pumping waters with a low content of mineral elements on carbonate collectors with a high concentration of relict H2S during long periods of time. The amount of sulphates, phosphates, and ammonium nitrogen in water from layers of various mineralization is sufficient(More)
To investigate the influence of microwave radiation on the human fibroblast nuclei, the effects of three variants of electromagnetic wave polarization, linear and left-handed and right-handed elliptically polarized, were examined. Experimental conditions were: frequency (f) 36.65 GHz, power density (P) at the surface of exposed object 1, 10, 30, and 100(More)
The influence of microwave radiation (int = 35 GHz, intensity P = 30, 70, 180, 265 mW /cm<sup>2</sup>) and ultra wideband irradiation at irradiation intensity of 10<sup>-5</sup>, 10<sup>-4</sup>, 10 <sup>-3</sup>, and 10<sup>-2</sup> W/cm<sup>2</sup> on stocks of Drosophila melanogaster was investigated. Irradiation was performed on the stage of egg&lt;(More)
An example of the multi-beam antenna with a group irradiator, the implementation of which will be available in the millimeter wave range. As the group proposed irradiator holder of the dielectric rod antenna axial radiation. The calculation of the basic characteristics of the antenna in the 8-mm band. It is shown that the arrangement of the illuminator(More)
Ways of practical implementation of matrix radiometric systems (multibeam antennas and multichannel radiometric receivers), located onboard of various purpose aircrafts, intended for creation of images of ground-based objects have been substantiated. It is shown that formation of two-dimensional images for a short exposure time is possible both owing to(More)
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