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The purpose of the study was to examine the influence of parents' disability on children's feelings toward their parents. The paper focuses on the comparison of children's feelings toward their parents among school-age children with disabled parents (research group, n=45) and without disabled parents (control group, n=46). A two-dimensional approach was(More)
The characteristics of fluorescent essay of total and effective albumin concentrations by Zond-Albumin kit (experimental lot) were as follows: intraseries reproducibility in measurements not more than 1.6%, the error in serum dosage being mainly responsible for the total error. After unsealing the ampules the reagents may be stored at 5 degrees C for at(More)
The aim of this study was to examine, in conditions of prolonged terror, the possible influences of yet another terrorist attack as an additional traumatic event on children's reactions in the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive spheres, and to identify any mediating factors. The sample included 747 students in junior high schools in three Israeli cities.(More)
Analysis was carried out of the results of complex therapy in 32 patients with acute destructive pancreatitis for which haemosorbtion on Ovosorb, a biospecific antiproteinase haemosorbent containing an immobilized ovomucoid, was used. The clinical efficiency of haemosorbtion was displayed as a decrease in gravity of endogenous intoxication and related(More)
The biospecific antiproteinase haemosorbent (BAH) 'Ovosorb' containing, in the bulk of polyacryamide gel, the ovomucoid from whites of duck eggs, was used for a complex treatment of the experimental generalized purulent peritonitis and acute destructive pancreatitis in dogs. The efficiency of BAH was manifested in the significant reduction of lethality of(More)
The authors studied the character of the therapeutic action of some links of protein metabolism in connection with the use of hemosorption with a biospecific antiprotease hemosorbent "ovosorb" in the complex treatment of 24 patients with diffuse purulent peritonitis of appendicular genesis. It was found that the antiprotease biospecific hemosorbent is(More)
This pilot study compared the development of two groups of adolescents—those whose parents were blind and those whose parents were sighted. It found that there were no essential differences between the groups. Moreover, the friendship relationships, feelings toward parents, and some essential characteristics of the adolescents’ emotional state were more(More)