Victor Mateo Saavedra-Alanis

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The sodium–calcium exchanger (NCX) plays a major role in the regulation of cytosolic Ca2+ in muscle cells. In this work, we performed force experiments to explore the role of NCX during contraction and relaxation of Cch-stimulated guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle strips. This tissue showed low sensitivity to NCX inhibitor KB-R7943 (IC50, 57 ± 2 µM),(More)
Eczema herpeticum is an acute dermatoses caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 in atopic dermatitis patients, and is considered a dermatology emergency. Eczema herpeticum occurs in less than 3% of atopic patients. We report a patient with a history of atopic dermatitis who presented to an emergency department with eczema herpeticum. He was admitted and(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) is a proven modulator of adipose metabolism, but the mechanisms by which this cytokine affects the development and function of adipose tissue have not been fully elucidated to date. Using differential display analysis, in this study, we demonstrate that gene expression of the serine protease inhibitor A3g (SerpinA3g) is(More)
Knowledge of the existence of filaggrin (FLG) gene mutations might be helpful for a subclassification of patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) which can be used to introduce individualized treatments. In this work the filaggrin content in the skin is assessed using Raman spectroscopy and the results are compared to FLG genotyping of Mexican-mestizo patients.(More)
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