Victor Mashayekhi

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Summary form only given. The effect of Intel/spl reg/ hyper-threading (HT) technology on a system's performance varies according to the characteristics of the application running on the system and the configuration of the system. High performance computing (HPC) clusters introduce additional variables, such as the math libraries used in solving linear(More)
GigaNet and Myrinet are two of the leading interconnects for clusters of commodity computer systems. Both provide memory-protected user-level network interface access, and deliver low-latency and high-bandwidth communication to applications. GigaNet is a connection-oriented interconnect based on a hardware implementation of Virtual Interface(More)
The effects of Intel Hyper-Threading technology on a system performance vary according to the type of applications the system is running. Hyper-Threading affects High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters similarly. The characteristics of application run on a cluster will determine whether Hyper-Threading will help or hinder performance. In addition, the(More)
Cluster interconnect performance is typically characterized by latency and throughput. However, not only latency and throughput but also the CPU utilization of an interconnect are important attributes that affect overall system performance. In our studies, we have run cluster benchmarks with two device drivers with different throughput and latency(More)
Typically, a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster loosely couples multiple Symmetric MultiProcessor (SMP) platforms into a single processing complex. Each SMP uses shared memory for its processors to communicate, whereas communication across SMPs goes through the intra-cluster interconnect. By analyzing the communication pattern of processes, it is(More) Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, October 2004. Copyright © 2004 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. POWER SOLUTIONS 69 I nterconnects can play a vital role in high-performance computing (HPC) clusters because they are designed to provide interprocess communication among various individual servers—thereby allowing compute nodes to(More)
The paper adopts a comprehensive modeling technique to investigate the effect of frequency-dependent characteristics of grounding system in a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system on the overvoltages caused by lightning strikes on the nearby overhead line. In this technique, the frequency response of grounding system is determined using an electromagnetic(More)
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