Victor Manuel Aleixo

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the complement activation in Brazilian patients with preeclampsia and to correlate it with the severity and clinical outcome of the disease. Plasma levels of C3d, SC5b-9, C3 and C4 were measured in 16 patients with preeclampsia and in 17 normotensive pregnant women. Ten patients developed severe and six mild disease. C3(More)
Studies of skin wound healing in crocodilians are necessary given the frequent occurrence of cannibalism in intensive farming systems. Air temperature affects tissue recovery because crocodilians are ectothermic. Therefore, the kinetics of skin wound healing in Caiman yacare were examined at temperatures of 33°C and 23°C. Sixteen caiman were selected and(More)
The aim of this study was to perform the identification and molecular characterization of Arcobacter cryaerophilus and Arcobacter butzleri isolated from caiman (Caiman yacare), kept at a production farm, in Brazil. Forty fecal samples were analyzed. After isolation and identification, 21/40 strains of A. butzleri and 19/40 strains of A. cryaerophilus were(More)
Although it is stated that dietary lipids are absorbed proximally in the small intestine of vertebrates, there are variations of the primary site for lipid absorption even when closely related species are considered. Moreover, there are evidences suggesting that the small intestine distal segments are equally capable of absorbing lipids, although it is not(More)
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