Victor Makarov

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| This paper is devoted to the problems of nd-ing the power ow feasibility, saddle node and Hopf bifur-cation boundaries in the space of power system parameters. The rst part contains a review of the existing relevant approaches including not so well-known contributions from Russia. The second part presents a new robust method for nding the power system(More)
The paper considers the problem of nding saddle node bifur-cation points which are closest (in a local sense) to the power system operating point. This optimization problem leads to a set of equations which describe such critical points. Not all solutions of this set of equations are critical points. The paper therefore explores the nature and(More)
Predicate Logic with Definitions (PLD or D-logic) is a modification of first-order logic intended mostly for practical formalization of mathematics. The main syntactic constructs of D-logic are terms, formulas and definitions. A definition is a definition of variables, a definition of constants, or a composite definition (D-logic has also abbreviation(More)
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