Victor M. Panaretos

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Given two samples of continuous zero-mean iid Gaussian processes on [0,1], we consider the problem of testing whether they share the same covariance structure. Our study is motivated by the problem of determining whether the mechanical properties of short strands of DNA are significantly affected by their base-pair sequence; though expected to be true, had(More)
At the offset of a (stochastic) epidemic, it is of importance to have a mathematical model that will assist in the making of an informed judgement on whether the epidemic will explode, or will be minor and die out. In this paper, we consider probabilistic inferences related to the event of extinction of a discrete time branching process when this cannot be(More)
We propose a novel method for the analysis of spatially distributed data from an exponential family distribution, able to efficiently treat data occurring over irregularly shaped domains. We consider a generalized linear framework and extend the work of Sangalli et al. (2013) to distributions other than the Gaussian. In particular, we can handle all(More)
Almost thirty years ago, D.G. Kendall [8] considered diffusions of shape induced by independent Brownian motions in Euclidean space. In this paper, we consider a different class of diffusions of shape, induced by the projections of a randomly rotating labelled ensemble. In particular, we study diffusions of shapes induced by projections of planar triangular(More)
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