Victor M López-Sifuentes

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The effects of pyriproxyfen were tested against a local population of Aedes aegypti (L.) in Iquitos, Perú. Bioassays showed that, when applied to late instars, pyriproxyfen prevented adult emergence at extremely low concentrations (LC50 = 0.012 ppb). There was no adult emergence from water sampled from storage tanks that had been seeded with the equivalent(More)
Anopheles darlingi is the main malaria vector in the Amazon region and is among the most efficient malaria vectors worldwide. However, due to the lack of a well-established laboratory colony, key control-relevant aspects of the bionomics, behaviour, genetics, and vector-parasite relationships of An. darlingi remain unknown. Here, biological parameters that(More)
This study was conducted to determine the relative abundance, diversity, seasonal, and vertical distributions of potential mosquito vectors in the Amazon Basin, Peru. A total of 66,097 mosquitoes (50 mosquito species from 12 genera) were collected from May 2001 through March 2002 at a forested site near Iquitos, Peru. Mosquitoes were collected using Aotus(More)
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