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—This paper reports a multi-layered smart image sensor architecture for feature extraction based on detection of interest points. The architecture is conceived for 3D IC technologies consisting of two layers (tiers) plus memory. The top tier includes sensing and processing circuitry aimed to perform Gaussian filtering and generate Gaussian pyramids in fully(More)
In scale-space filtering signals are represented at several scales, each conveying different details of the original signal. Every new scale is the result of a smoothing operator on a former scale. In image processing, scale-space filtering is widely used in feature extractors as the Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm. RC networks are posed(More)
This work introduces an FPGA implementation for vesseltree extraction on retinal images. The retinal vessel-tree can be used in disease diagnoses, e.g. diabetes, or in person authentication. In such cases, a portable device with a high performance may be a need. The FPGA implementation discussed here, although application-oriented, features a fully(More)
This paper presents an 8-bit FPGA implementation of a Discrete Time Cellular Neural Network (DTCNN) suitable for small image gray-scale pre-processing (simple operations with high computational burden). It uses Split&Shift techniques to have a 31 × 31 grid that processes more than 2500 images per second. As this work evolves from a previous(More)
The use of a reduced set of multipliers or coefficient circuits on cellular processor arrays leads to time and area efficient solutions. The reduced set of multipliers is achievable with the so-called Split&Shift (S&S) methodology. Data resultant from applying such a methodology to implementations with Cellular Non-linear Networks (CNN) reported in the(More)
— This paper introduces a two-tier CMOS-3D architecture for generation of Gaussian pyramids, detection of extrema, and calculation of spatial derivatives in an image. Such tasks are included in modern feature detectors, which in turn can be used for operations like object detection, image registration or tracking. The top tier of the architecture contains(More)