Victor Lobanov

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BACKGROUND The web site provides a convenient interface to look up study results, but it does not allow downloading data in a format that can be readily used for quantitative analyses. PURPOSE To develop a system that automatically downloads study results from and provides an interface to retrieve study results in a(More)
Hydrophobins (HFBs) are small surface-active proteins secreted by filamentous fungi. Being amphiphilic, they spontaneously form layers that convert surfaces from hydrophilic to hydrophobic and vice versa. We have compared properties of the class II HFB4 and HFB7 from Trichoderma virens as produced in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris. Since the(More)
Questions of the identification of the type of pharmacological activity of physiologically active substances (PAS) with a receptor type of action under conditions of screening are examined. IN accordance with current concepts of the theory of the recognition of modes, the type of action of PAS was identified by establishing a set of criteria ("vectors of(More)
Baryon-to-meson Transition Distribution Amplitudes (TDAs) encoding valuable new information on hadron structure appear as building blocks in the collinear factorized description for several types of hard exclusive reactions. In this paper, we address the possibility of accessing nucleon-to-pion (πN) TDAs from p̄p → eeπ reaction with the future P̄ANDA(More)