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The term " virtual analog " (VA) first appeared in the 1990s with the commercial introduction of digital synthesizer instruments that were intended to emulate the earlier analog subtractive synthesizers, such as those produced by, among others, Moog or Sequential Circuits (Smith 2008). In creating a " virtual analog " digital model, two approaches are(More)
Real-time musical note onset detection plays a vital role in many audio analysis processes, such as score following, beat detection and various sound synthesis by analysis methods. This article provides a review of some of the most commonly used techniques for real-time onset detection. We suggest ways to improve these techniques by incorporating linear(More)
This paper examines a recently introduced technique for sound synthesis that uses a coefficient modulated allpass filter to cause phase modifications to its input signal. The intention in this work is to outline some of the properties of the coefficient modulated allpass filter and then to establish a connection between this new method and the older(More)
This article presents a method of signal timescale modification using spectral analysis-resynthesis. It discusses an alternative technique for instantaneous frequency estimation, the Instantaneous Frequency Distribution (IFD). The partial tracking analysis employed in this process is explained in some detail, followed by a look into the resynthesis method.(More)